Our Affiliate Program gives influential quants, financial strategists, and traders an opportunity to use their platforms to share QuantConnect and subsequently share in profits from referrals.

Earning Potential

On a monthly basis, you'll receive 10% of sales that originate for your referral. You'll receive this for up to 12 months after the individual you refer subscribes to our services. For example, if you refer a customer who signs up for our $280/month plan and the custom stays with us for 12+ months, you'll receive 12 payments of $28 for a total of $336 over the course of the first year. If the customer leaves after five months, you'll receive compensation for those five months.

Referral rebate

YouTube Case Study

Chris is a YouTube host with an audience of more than 20,000 subscribers where he posts trading and finance-related content in an easy-to-digest format. He is often appreciated for his ability to simply present complex concepts. Chris originally organically posted a review of various algorithmic trading platforms that caught our eye, so we invited him to join the QuantConnect Affiliate Program.

Over a period of two months, Chris and the QuantConnect team collaborated to design a series of video topics that would be interesting for the broader community. Chris always had complete content ownership and artistic control over his content. He often sought a “content review” from the QuantConnect team in a private Slack channel to help maintain the technical accuracy and quality of the videos. We were mindful to update him about new features that might impact or improve his videos. Each time Chris published a video, we would re-share it on all our social media channels to increase his video reach. We were always motivated to get high-quality content to the community so they can learn more effectively.

Through his channel and the partnership with QuantConnect, Chris was able to create a long-term passive income from his content. Each month, he drives approximately 500 users to QuantConnect and 10-15 subscribe to become long-term clients. Within six months, he has built a passive recurring revenue stream of $250/month.

Become a Partner

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