Data Feeds

Alternative Data


Alternative data feeds stream live alternative data into your algorithms. We add a live trading data feed for each of the alternative datasets we integrate.


We source alternative data feeds directly from data vendors. To view all of the integrated data vendors, see the Dataset Market.


The delivery schedule of alternative data feeds depends on the specific data feed you're using. We inject the data into your algorithms when the vendor provides the data. For most alternative data feeds, the data is updated on a daily or hourly basis. Some data feeds, like the Tiingo News Feed or Benzinga News Feed, include a live stream. In these cases, we deliver the data as a live stream to your algorithm.

Most live trading algorithms run on co-located servers racked in Equinix. Co-location reduces several factors that can interfere with your algorithm, including downtime from internet outages, equipment repairs, and natural disasters.

Live data takes time to travel from the source to your algorithm. The latency of the alternative data feeds depends on the specific data feed you're using.

Historical Data

When you request historical data or run warm-up, the amount of historical data you can access depends on the resolution of your data subscriptions. The following table shows the amount of trailing historical data you can access for each data resolution:

ResolutionAvailable History
DailyAll historical data
HourAll historical data
Minute1 year
Second2 months
Tick1 month


Refer to the Dataset Market listings.

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