We created QuantConnect Credit (QCC) to enable micropayments on QuantConnect. You can use QCC to optimize parameters, download datasets, gift to members in the forum, and apply to your organization's monthly invoice. You can purchase QCC in the Algorithm Lab at a rate of 1 QCC = $0.01 USD. Since QCC is owned by organizations instead of members, all of the members within your organization have the ability to spend the QCC balance.

Optimizing Parameters

You need QCC in your organization to unlock parameter optimization. Parameter optimization jobs use optimization nodes, which are rented on a time basis. Therefore, the longer it takes to run all of the backtests in your optimization job, the more QCC it costs. Before you run optimizations, we estimate on how much QCC it will cost to run the job, but the final cost can differ from our estimates because we can't know exactly how long all of the backtests will take to run ahead of time. For instructions on optimizing parameters, see Launch Optimization Jobs.

Downloading Datasets

You can spend some QCC to download datasets from the Dataset Market to your local machine. The cost of downloading depends on the dataset and it's calculated on a per-file or per-day basis. For instructions on downloading datasets, see Licensing.

Giving to Others

To show your appreciation for contributions in the forum, give some QuantConnect Credit (QCC) rewards. The following table shows the available QCC rewards:

AwardDescriptionCost (QCC)
Forum rewards - Silver Award
Silver Award
A simple token of recognition from one quant to another. Keep up the great work.80
Forum rewards - Gold Award
Gold Award
This is some great work! Gold star!600
Forum rewards - Platinum Award
Platinum Award
Highly resistant to oxidation, this award is for those contributions which will stand the test of time. Strong, classic, and useful for most high technology products.1,200
Forum rewards - Medal for Excellence
Medal for Excellence
The QuantConnect Medal for Excellence is awarded by a member of the QuantConnect staff for exceptional contributions to the QuantConnect community.3,000
Forum rewards - Plutonium Award
Plutonium Award
Nuclear hot! This post is incredible and deserves recognition as such. Show the author your appreciation for their work.2,000
Forum rewards - Docs Shakespeare
Docs Shakespeare
You've left a mark by a contribution to the documentation for the community. Your edits and examples will be followed for generations to come.500
Forum rewards - Nobel Laureate
Nobel Laureate
Bestowed in recognition of quantitative advances.80
Forum rewards - Spaghetti Code Award
Spaghetti Code Award
Following the intricate flows of code noodle, this code compiles and runs.300
Forum rewards - Jedi Quant
Jedi Quant
Quant promise you show. Your code channel the force into. Hmmmmmm. 200
Forum rewards - Live Trader
Live Trader
That looks like a wild ride.50
Forum rewards - Today I Learned
Today I Learned
Thank you for upgrading my brain.50
Forum rewards - Machine Unlearning
Machine Unlearning
I plan on letting the computers do all the work for me. 150
Forum rewards - Totally Overfit
Totally Overfit
I see parameters everywhere.80
Forum rewards - Mind Blown Award
Mind Blown Award
Something incredibly amazing, mind-boggling, and you're shocked senseless.80
Forum rewards - Research Rembrandt
Research Rembrandt
A Jupyter notebook work of art, pulling together all the right hues and plots to be a true masterpiece.100
Forum rewards - Cayman Island Award
Cayman Island Award
Let's get a boat and start a fund together. Did I mention the boat?800
Forum rewards - Printing Money Award
Printing Money Award
Awarded to profitable algorithms.100
Forum rewards - Stronger Together Award
Stronger Together Award
We're stronger together. Let's make this happen!120
Forum rewards - Appreciate the Support Award
Appreciate the Support Award
Quant trading is a hard road, we could all use a hand.250
Forum rewards - Master Craftsman
Master Craftsman
You're a master craftsman, taking raw materials and molding them into works of art for the good of the world.600

Purchase QCC

Follow these steps to purchase QuantConnect Credit (QCC):

  1. Open the Billing page.
  2. Scroll down to the Organization Credit (QCC) section and then click Purchase Credit.
  3. Select a credit pack and then click Continue.
  4. If your preferred organization has a credit card and you want to charge that card, click Purchase.
  5. If your preferred organization doesn't have a credit card, enter the credit card details and then click Purchase.
  6. Only the preferred organization can be charged when purchasing QCC. If you want to charge a different organization you are a member of, set it as your preferred organization.

Apply QCC to Invoices

You can apply QCC to your organization's invoices to pay for your subscriptions, but you must enable invoice payments before your invoice is generated to pay it with QCC. To enable invoice payment with QCC, open the Billing page, scroll down to the Organization Credit (QCC) section, and then select the Only apply organization QCC to invoices check box.

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