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Samco was founded by Jimeet Modi in2015 with a mission of providing retail investors access to sophisticated financial technology that can assist retail investors in creating wealth at a low cost. Samco provides access to India Equities for clients in India with no minimum balance. Samco also provides stock ratings, mutual funds, and a mini-portfolio investment platform.

The Samco data feed streams live asset prices from Samco. If you use this data feed and request historical data, the historical data comes from Samco.


The Samco data feed comes directly from Samco. For more information about the data source, see the StockNote API documentation.

If you use the Samco data feed, Samco only provides the security price data. We provide the following auxiliary datasets from the Dataset Market:

Universe Selection

Universe selection isn't available with the Samco data feed.

Bar Building

The data feed consolidates prices and quotes across all of the Indian exchanges. For a complete list of exchange and securities, see the ScripMaster file from the StockNote API documentation.

Alternative Data

Brokerage data feeds support most alternative data feeds, except feeds that stream real-time intraday data. Streaming data feeds, like the Tiingo News Feed and Benzinga News Feed, require the QuantConnect data feed.


The Samco data feed is free. To access the data feed, you just need an active Samco account.

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